Vision Rescue

65 million people in India live in slums as per the 2011 statistics. 47% of children in slums are estimated to be malnourished and many of them are uneducated and in high risk situations. With a little love and care, Vision Rescue seeks to empower these individuals and bring dignity to entire communities.

Bridge has taken two teams to serve on the ground in Mumbai, India along side the Vision Rescue team. We plan to grow our relationship with Vision Rescue for a long time and support them in being the hands and feet of Christ in the slums of India.

Recovery House Of Worship

The Recovery House of Worship organization specializes in ministering to men, women, young people, families and communities affected by addiction. Addiction has many faces including addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, food, hoarding, religion, work, even love addiction.

Bridge has partnered with RHOW to serve on the second Saturday of every month in their food pantry. If you are interested in serving this great organization with us, please message us or stop by our welcome desk after service so we can sign you up to serve on one of the Saturdays.

Love, Faith and Justice ministry is a charitable organization that serves children in the Dominican Republic with water and education programs.

LOVE LIFE is launching its life-saving ministry in NYC! Our goal is to come alongside the local church and ministries to pour spiritual fuel on the fire that already exists in the city. We do this by uniting and mobilizing the church to create a culture of love and life that will result in an end to abortion and the orphan crisis; changing the culture where families stop running to the abortion centers and start running to the local church.